Museum Quality Replica Swords

Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow

This is the Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow, a prop replica from the ever popular TV Series Game Of Thrones. This item is 105cm long and made from metal to ensure a high quality finish. The direwolf head is displayed on the pommel of the sword along with the Night Watch wall plaque that adds an extra feature to the overall piece. £110.00

St George’s Sword

A replica of St George’s sword in EN45 sprung steel. £99.00

William Wallace Sword

The William Wallace Sword is a simple yet powerfully designed sword made from metal and 113cm in length, it is a replica from the movie Braveheart. William Wallace was a Scottish Knight and landowner who was known for leading a resistance during the Wars of Scottish Independence and is today remembered as a patriot and a national hero. Wallace was the inspiration for the poem, The Acts and Deeds of Sir William Wallace, this poem then became the basis of Randall Wallace’s screenplay for the film Braveheart. £89.99

10th century Norman long Sword

By the beginning of the eleventh century a new style of sword was making its appearance in Western Europe. With a Brazil nut shaped pommel, a long straight guard and a long tapering double edged blade the first clearly recognisable medieval sword had made its debut. The Viking name for this sword type was gaddhjalt-spikehilt. When the Normans invaded England in 1066 a great many of these swords came ashore with these heavily armoured horse mounted warriors-the era of the medieval knight was about to begin. These swords with their greater reach were especially suited to the tactics of the Norman warriors although the Saxons and Vikings of the time were also using similar Sword types. £99.00

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