About Us

As an artist blacksmith William Smith has had a fascination with metal from a young age, when cold its hard and unbending, but when heated and crafted it

has a fluid malleable quality, and in the right hands it allows its self to form into many beautiful objects.

William (or Bill to most) has always had a love of natural forms and shapes and often takes his inspiration from nature, creating plant forms of all kinds and the use of traditional blacksmithing techniques to create contemporary form.

As an artisan I love to create someones vision. Its a dream come true to take a persons idea from what may only start out as small sketch of a thought they had, and after a little chat about it, it becomes clear that their idea can become reality. To see the joy at the moment their wish is handed to them is a true joy.

Please check out the gallery to get more of an idea of what’s possible, from a dragons head door knocker to beautiful set of lilies (that never need watering) or a hanging basket bracket and many  more amazing objects.